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Registration Date 22 Jul 2016

Nano fertilizer


Agriculture Fertilizers



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1. Fertilizer nano scale molecules are quickly absorbed by plants. 2. These molecules can shape light nano protective layer on leaf surface to prevent pest infect. 3. Yield and quality of crops can be greatly enhanced. 4. Facilitate plant absorption and shorten the production period. 5. Prevent pesticide illness due to the use of pesticides. 6. Reduce the soil acidification caused by chemical fertilizers. 7. Reduce fertilizer application rates and costs. 8. Reduce the soil acidification caused by chicken manure accumulation 9. Experiments confirmed that plant life can be increased 20 to 30% of the time. 10. Can be applied to existing sprinkler and drip irrigation facilities. 11. Promote root uptake while enhancing foliar fertilization. 12. Depending on the plant growth conditions, any additional spraying can be applied at any time in order to facilitate plant growth. 13. Avoid uneven fertilizer plant nutrients that cause uneven and sizes phenomenon. 14. Light fertilizer nano scale molecules can quickly flow through paddy fields, from the entrance, because the precipitation is not easy.

Plant Growth Acceleration Pesticide Usage Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Our nano fertilizer is widely used in Philippines. Lazuriton will set up branch and also look for agents in the North America, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. With its leading green technology, Lazuriton intends to strengthen its leadership in the nano fertilizer global market.The average particle size of our products is between 150-300 nm.