Registration Date 22 Jul 2016



Agriculture Plant Protection



Citrus, Ornamental Plants, Tomatoes, Cotton
Crops Leaf


bamectin is registered in numerous countries on a wide variety of crops including citrus, pome fruit, cotton, tomatoes, cucurbits, leafy vegetables, potatoes, strawberries and ornamentals. With its exceptionally low dosage rate, it reduces the amount of chemical in the environment. Once dry, this insecticide is safe from rain or irrigation, providing an extended period of control compared to most other acaricides. The product is translaminar and therefore controls mites feeding on the underside of the leaf even if application is only made to the top of the leaf. It is this translaminar activity that allows the chemical within the leaf tissue to give long residual control. This also ensures that any beneficials on the surface of the leaf do not come into contact with the chemical. When leafminers attack a vegetable crop, the damage is visible and the entry punctures open the door to disease. These pests infest a crop very quickly because the female adults are very fertile (50 to 150 eggs per individual) and the life cycle is very short (17 days at 25°C). The larval stage is the most damaging stage.This causes a reduction of the foliar surface and produces entry points for various diseases like fungi.Female adults perforate the surface of the leaf to feed, creating small visible punctures. This is the first sign for the grower that he needs to control the leafminers.Currently, dipterous leafminers are spreading worldwide. The necessity of their control is a critical factor for the production of tomatoes, vegetables and ornamentals.


Manufacturer's Description

Neu-Abamin was first launched as a crop protection product in 1985 and since then has become established as a leading acaricide/insecticide in many crops in virtually all major countries worldwide.The active ingredient of Neu-Abamin, abamectin, is composed of two molecules, isolated from a set of eight molecules produced by the original soil micro-organism. Like many other insecticides it interferes with the signal transmission between nerve cells.This unique mode of action is effective on insect pests that are resistant to other insecticides such as organo phosphates, pyrethroids and other acaricides. Abamectin successfully controls mites, leafminers, thrips, psylla and also the diamond back moth.