Registration Date 24 Jul 2016

Water Soluble Nano Sio2 Powders Used for Fertilizer


Agriculture Fertilizers Product Number : M602

Fertilizer chemicals


Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


Crops Fertilizer


1. To increase crop photosynthesis 2. To increase the activity of root system 3. To improve the ability of resistance to lodging 4. To enhance ability to resist insect resistance 5. To improve the resilience of plants 6. To inhibit crop transpiration and improve water use efficiency 7. To increase crop yield, improve quality 8. To promote the absorption of nutrients, improve the nutrient balance in the body.

Photosynthesis Improvement Root Activity Improvement Loading Resistance Improvement Insect Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Water soluble nano sio2 powders is widely used for silicon fertilizer in agriculture, it is white powders with 20-30nm size 99.8% purity, Hydrophilic .
Water soluble nano sio2 powders can quickly add silicon element  for crops, promote the photosynthesis, increase fruit-bearing rate, form silicide cells in plant body, thicken the stem leaf  layer cell wall, increase corneous layer, increase crop insect resistance, disease resistance, lodging resistance, reduce the occurrence of various diseases and insect pests, regulate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium to the nutrition balance absorption of other crops. Hydrophilic water soluble nano sio2 powders can be widely suitable for rice, wheat, sugar cane, corn, cotton, fruit trees, melons, vegetables, tea, Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco, flowers, gardening, golf course, the lawn and other kinds of crops.