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Based of Nanotechnology Natural & Organic Product Faster vegetative & reproductive growth of plant Improves the yield & produce of Product Improves the Quality & Quantity of Product Improves the Taste & Texture of Product Increases the resistance power of Plant Faster Plant & Flower Growth, Assured Early Maturity, Hence Early Harvesting Reduces incidence of fungal, bacterial and viral growth Resists to environmental changes Improves soil micro flora upto 1 crore in every 1 gm of soil Least requirement of inorganic fertilizers, chemical compounds, pesticides, fungicide, bactericide and viral medicines Reduces Production Cost Improves Shelf Life Helps in getting original Taste, Colour, and Aroma & Flavour


Manufacturer's Description

All the living beings depend on the plants for their own nutrition. Only plants can utilize energy from sunlight and convert it into required ingredients (nutrition). Plants are dependent on soil for supplements like minerals, vitamins, amino acids & water. Hence healthy soil is important for producing a healthy plant. In today’s world commercial era, there is a demand for continuous production from the soil and hence these vital supplements in the soil are drastically reduced. Excessive use of strong & expensive inorganic/chemical fertilizers has further affected the micro-flora of the soil. Due to this there are hardly any micro-organisms/earthworms left in the soil to decompose the nutrients from the soil and make it available in the form required by the plant. This intern reduces the supply of required nutrients and energy to the plant and has adverse effects on the production of the plant in terms of leaves, flower & fruits. The effect of such low quality agricultural produce is obviously observed in animals & human beings by way of various psychological & physical disorders.To overcome this challenge, we offer you a rather simple, low cost and effective way to make all required nutrients, micro-organisms and energy available to the plant and soil in NANO form for faster, effective and complete absorption by the plant. We have more than 98 ingredients in our solutions which are “BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVATED PRODUCT FROM PLANT EXTRACTS” & are completely natural, organic, having “NO CHEMICALS” in it. We offer liquids to be sprayed on the plant with a soil mixture to be broadcasted for the enhancement of the soil.India with diverse agro-climatic conditions like good quality soils, suitable climate, and abundant water supply, low labour cost, India has identified floriculture as industry and accorded it 100 percent export oriented status. Owing to steady increase in demand of flower floriculture has become one of the important Commercial trades in India. Hence commercial floriculture has emerged as hi-tech activity-taking place under controlled climatic conditions inside greenhouse. The important flower trade in international markets are rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, gerbera, gladiolus, gypsophila, orchids, tulip, and lilies.