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Smaller particles mean a larger surface area, which in turn means a quicker dissolving time in water and a faster absorption rate into your plant’s root system. This smart application of physics and the latest scientific breakthrough enables Nano to get to work quicker on your plants. But the benefits of size go beyond speed; Nano particles are efficient too. Nano particles are easier for a plant to absorb and that means they expend less energy in doing so. This conservation of energy means enhanced growth and development for your crop. The less a plant has to work in taking up nutrients the more it can work on what you want your plants to be doing; promoting healthy, vigorous growth. Germinate Seeds Faster Increase initial growth Powerful root development

Plant Growth Regulation Root Activity Improvement Seed Germination Promotion

Manufacturer's Description

Plant Vitality present Seed Speed a brand new development into the unlocking of dormant seeds and encouraging faster hatching of seeds.
Mix speed seed with warm water and soak seeds for 12 – 24 hours.
Some seeds can tolerate boiling water, but as the tolerance for heat can vary greatly from species to species, warm tap water is safest for seed soaking.