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Cats suffer from many of the same chronic ailments as humans, especially those associated with age, obesity and allergies. While our feline friends have many differences in their biochemistry and physiology, many of the same nutraceutical supplements are just as effective for their medical problems as they are for ours.
Cats experience a very common skin condition with the technical name feline military dermatitis more commonly known as “feline eczema”, “scabby cat disease” or “blotch”. These are general names for a condition that can be a result of many underlying conditions such as fungal, bacterial, yeast, mites or lice infections, food allergies or hormonal abnormalities. These conditions will usually need to be treated by medications prescribed by your veterinarian. However, the condition is commonly caused by allergic responses to pollen, fleas, or nutritional disorders such as a lack of biotin or essential fatty acids. The condition can make both you and your cat miserable because of the animal’s constant scratching and licking of affected areas. If your veterinarian does need to prescribe an antibiotic or other medication for your cat’s skin condition, you may also want to ask about adding NanoLife Nutra Feline Skin Allergy Supplement to the treatment regimen because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Whatever the cause of your cat’s itchy skin, anti-inflammatories will help your cat become more comfortable while the other treatments are working on the root cause of the disease.
A lack of both biotin and omega-3 fatty acids may be the source of your cat’s skin condition; therefore both of these compounds are included in our formulation. The liposome component of the supplement is composed of soy phospholipids that also are an important source of essential fatty acids. The mineral antioxidant, selenium, is also included because it has been shown to help in allergic skin conditions. Both vitamins C and E have been repeatedly shown to have significant anti-inflammatory properties. NanoLife Nutra Feline Skin Allergy Supplement’s unique liposomal design can mask the “fishy” taste of the omega-3 fatty acids as well as the bitter, metallic taste of selenium. All are included in a flavored gravy that your cat will enjoy almost as much as getting rid of his/her itchy skin!