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Cats suffer from many of the same chronic ailments as humans, especially those associated with age, obesity and allergies. While our feline friends have many differences in their biochemistry and physiology, many of the same nutraceutical supplements are just as effective for their medical problems as they are for ours.

Taurine is an amino acid which is found not only in proteins but also in its free form within the body. The biosnythesis of taurine is important for the proper operation of many tissues and cellular functions. Most animals including humans can synthesize taurine in their bodies if they don’t get enough of this amino acid in their diet. This is not true for cats so it is very important that your cat receives extra taurine as a supplement.
Some of the conditions that result from low taurine levels in cats include:
Impaired vision or  blindness – retinal cells need taurine to function properlyHeart disease – cardiac muscle cells require taurine to maintain their functionDecreased reproduction – taurine is required by both the queen and kittens during pregnancy and lactation for optimal growth and developmentInadequate growth in kittens – kittens continue to require adequate levels of taurine in order to grow and develop into healthy adultsOther systems – taurine is required by the neurological, immune and digestive systems for proper functioning as wellBeing an amino acid, taurine has a bitter taste which makes it difficult to give to your cat as a supplement. One advantage of liposome technology is the liposome’s ability to mask the taste of compounds which have been encapsulated inside the liposome. The liposomes are composed of soy phospholipid which is a healthy nutritional supplement on its own. NanoLife Nutra Feline Taurine Supplement is a flavored liposome suspension which your cat will look forward to as a tasty treat either given alone or with food.