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Cats suffer from many of the same chronic ailments as humans, especially those associated with age, obesity and allergies. While our feline friends have many differences in their biochemistry and physiology, many of the same nutraceutical supplements are just as effective for their medical problems as they are for ours.
Obesity is one of the major cause of diabetes in cats. Just as in humans, cats experience type II diabetes (also known in humans as adult onset diabetes) often due to obesity along with an increased risk of joint and cardiac problems. Note that this product can be used to assist your pet in losing weight and/or be used as a high protein/low carbohydrate/low fat supplement for diabetic cats. You should discuss how best to use this product for your diabetic cat with your veterinarian.
NanoLife Nutra Feline Weight Reduction/Diabetes Support Formula is a high protein supplement which can be added to reduced portions of your cat`s usual food. This formulation contains no fat or carbohydrates; low fat/low carbohydrate diets have been shown to maintain normal insulin levels and sensitivity in cats. Essential phospholipids in the form of liposomes have been added both to mask the taste of taurine (see NanoLife Nutra Feline Taurine Supplement) as well as improve the texture and overall palatability of the product. The source of the phospholipid is soybean so that the liposomes also act as a source of essential fatty acids which have been shown to reduce the incidence of liver problems (hyperlipidosis) which can sometimes occur in cats that are losing weight. Phospholipids can also improve the skin and coat condition of your cat.
The gravy-like texture and overall palatability of the NanoLife Nutra Feline Weight Reduction/Diabetes Support Formula will make your cat think that he/she is receiving a special treat instead of being deprived!