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It is not difficult to discern the canine species from the human species on the outside. The physiology and biochemistry of dogs is in some ways very different from humans. Dogs suffer from diseases that cannot be acquired by humans. However, many of the most devastating human diseases can also be debilitating to “Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend”.
Cancer, arthritis, skin and other allergies, trauma from accidents/other severe illness and obesity are almost as common in dogs as in humans.Our canine companions are prone to allergic conditions just as we are. Inhaled allergens (mold, pollen and dust mites), contact allergens (flea collars, certain carpet or fabric fibers); food allergies and very commonly, allergic responses to flea saliva, can all cause various allergic reactions in dogs. Obviously some of theses allergens are seasonal but many plague our pets throughout the year. Allergies can affect dogs of any age or breed but certain breeds may have a propensity to react to certain allergens more severely.
Allergic reactions in dogs include runny noses; red, watery eyes; coughing; diarrhea and vomiting, but constant scratching and licking due to itchy skin may be the most common symptom. While the scratching and licking may appear to be more of a nuisance to both dog and owner, it often results in “hot spots” or areas of red, inflamed skin with fur loss. With continued scratching and/or licking by the dog, the skin can be broken allowing for many types of more serious bacterial and fungal infections to attack the compromised skin possibly becoming a systemic infection. Therefore it is important to effectively treat, or more preferably to avoid, these allergic responses not only for your dog’s comfort, but also for his or her general health.
NanoLife Nutra Skin and Allergy Supplement’s unique liposomal design can mask the “fishy” taste of the omega-3 fatty acids which are most commonly derived from oily fish as well as the bitter, metallic taste of zinc and selenium. All are included in a creamy, beef-flavored gravy that your dog will be begging for – itchy skin or not!