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It is not difficult to discern the canine species from the human species on the outside. The physiology and biochemistry of dogs is in some ways very different from humans. Dogs suffer from diseases that cannot be acquired by humans. However, many of the most devastating human diseases can also be debilitating to “Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend”.
Cancer, arthritis, skin and other allergies, trauma from accidents/other severe illness and obesity are almost as common in dogs as in humans.Arthritis tends to be a common condition of older dogs, but can be a problem for younger dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia or a younger dog who has experienced a joint injury. It is also more likely to attack larger breeds or overweight dogs. Unlike humans, dogs can’t directly tell us that they are in pain, so they usually express it by not eating which can complicate the problem. Other common signs to look for in arthritic dogs may include them having trouble getting up after sitting or lying, whining during exercise, or being hesitant to run jump or climb. Advanced arthritis will also affect the dog’s gait. It is important to make sure that your dog gets exercise as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Arthritis in dogs is physiologically and biochemically identical to human osteoarthritis and therefore is treated similarly with steroids and NSAIDS. Dogs have a much more sensitive digestive system however, and serious ulceration is a much bigger problem for dogs. Therefore, effective nutritional supplements for the treatment of both the pain and progression of arthritis in dogs are highly preferable. Many experts recommend that dogs should be given anti-arthritis supplements after they are a few years old depending on the breed.
NanoLife Nutra has combined the most effective supplements into a single formulation which is in the form of a tasty gravy. The liposomes effectively mask the taste of the more bitter or foul-tasting supplements such as glucosamine while maintaining a creamy, homogeneous texture that your dog will think that you made in your kitchen just for him or her.