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Miracle Titanium MVX Antimicrobial surface coating


Medicine Disinfection



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Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


Bacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms that don't contain the nucleus characteristic of cells of higher plants and animals. The DNA molecule don't have a nuclear membrane to separate them from the cytoplasm . The bacteria range in size from 500 Nano mater to 5000 dimensions. Although there are thousands of different species of bacteria , most of them full into three general morphologies


Viruses constitute a group of heterogeneous and much simpler organisms .They range in size from 100 Nano to 300 Nano mater , much smaller than bacteria .Viruses are unique in that they have no independent metabolic activities and have to rely solely on infection living hosts to reproduce themselves. Unlike all other life ,viruses may contain either DNA or RNA as genetic materials , but not both .The nucleic materials are surrounded by a protein coat to protect them from harmful agents in the environment. The protein coat also provides the specific binding site necessary for the attachment of virus to its host . Some viruses also contain an outer envelope made up of lipids , polysaccharides , and protein molecules. The lipids and polysaccharides are of host cell organ , and their presence allows a virus to fuse with a host cell and thus gain entry . A virus not having the outer envelop infects a cell in quit a different manner. Infection is initiated by the attachment of a specialized site on the surface of the protein coat of the virus onto a specific receptor site on the surface of the host cell .Once this binding is complete viruses can release genetic materials into host cell and take advantage of the machinery of the host cell to reproduce and assemble themselves . These newly - produce viruses are now ready to infect others cells . Therefore , one of the key processes to disable viruses is through the control of their surface structure , especially their binding sites , they can no longer recognize the receptor site on the host cells. Since the Miracle Titanium MVX Nano TiO2 photo catalytic process attacks most effectively on the viruses surface , it is excellent viable technology to destroy the viruses surface structure . Fungi (including mold and yeast) are very diverse in their morphology.Except for unicellular yeast, most fungi exist as multicellular filaments. Fungi are eucaryotic organisms (their genetic materials are enclosed in a nucleus surrounded by a membrane). Another feature of eucaryotic cell is that its cytoplasm contains many highly differentiated units—organelles, each of which performs a specific cellular function. For example, the respiratory pathway in eucaryotic cells is located in the organelle mitochondria. Fungi are heterotrophs, obtaining their food either by infecting a living host as parasites, or by causing the decay of dead organic matter. The most common method of reproduction is by asexual spore formation. These air-borne spores, about 5-15m in average size, can spread over a wide area and contaminate food, cause diseases for both plants and animals, and act as allergens for humans. Similar to bacteria, the cytoplasmic membrane of a fungus is surrounded by a cell wall structure. Unlike bacteria, the fungal cell walls are lamellar with each layer consisting of fibrils criss-crossing one another in various directions. The principal constituents of the fungal cell wall are various types of polysaccharides with minor amounts of lipid and protein. Chitin has been reported as the common polysaccharide component present in all fungal cell walls. Fungi are known to survive in severely stressful conditions where bacteria cannot. Due to their tougher cell wall structure, fungi can withstand high osmotic pressures. Fungi can also tolerate a wide range of pH and can extract water from solutions of high salt or sugar concentration when necessary to support growth. Although fungal diseases are not as widespread as those caused by bacteria, they are harder to diagnose clinically. Fungal diseases usually progress more slowly and pose a chronic health problem. Since both fungi and humans are of eucaryotic cell type, any agent that kills fungal cells may also cause damage to the human body. This is the reason that while many antibiotics have been developed to overcome infections caused by procaryotic cells, very few treatments have been developed to target fungi effectively.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fungal Activity Mold Resistant

Manufacturer's Description

The Miracle titanium aims to develop hygienic surfaces and coatings on different types of surfaces, in order to reduce microbial proliferation and related contamination  , to provide easy-to-clean or self-cleaning surfaces and anti-smell. With this objective in mind, coatings/treatments with antimicrobial, easy-to-clean and other properties were produced by coating the surfaces with special coating tools and special technique to make the crystal morphology of the thin film over the surfaces by coating method to get best functional performanceMiracle titanium MVX when it coated to different types of surfaces materials provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity through the controlled release of active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. MVX is mixture of Titanium dioxide and silver zeolite crystal-structured particles that can be sprayed over different types of surfaces within their pores and are capable of releasing radicals at a controlled rate for many years, without any change in the surfaces and keep the surfaces as typical as manufacturing processes. (Maeda-kougyou Japan) has proven effective against a variety of pathogens in a variety of environments, and has been incorporated in a number of different materials of potential use in healthcare Miracle titanium MVX is combination between Silver zeolite and TiO2 to give the best performance even in dark since the TiO2 can work only under UV light and also the silver Zeolite work only in presence of cations ions.