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Registration Date 13 Aug 2016

AceNano calcium essential


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It has a huge surface area to volume ratio hence enables perfect contact to quickly dissolve and ionize into our digestive system, tremendously increasing the calcium absorption and bioavaibility. Oyster shell, like our bones and teeth, is a biomineral, a combination of organic molecules made by living organisms and mineral components that organisms ingest or collect from their environment. Our source of oyster shell is free of Chromium, Lead, Barium and Mercury. AceNano-calcium, 200nm-600nm in size, is approximately 100,000 smaller and >4 times better in absorption than general calcium powder, almost no undigested calcium that might cause kidney stone. Therefore, only a relatively small amount of AceNano Calcium is enough to build strong bones effectively Osteoporosis is a series problem in elderly women that lead to fracture and imbalanced turnover of the bone. AceNano Calcium supplement milk is proved as the most effective for the improvement and prevention from osteoporosis being induced from bone. Clinical tests have been carried on >50 patients, whom has either osteoporosis / osteopenia problem. The result shows that the conditions of the osteoporosis / osteopenia patients have been healed, and other

Manufacturer's Description

Most published studies show that low calcium intake is associated with low bone mass, rapid bone loss and high fracture rates. In order to ensure that calcium consumed compensates for calcium excreted from the body each day, calcium intake is an important component of a healthy diet. Taking calcium supplement is becoming even essential part of health diet. However, taking too much calcium supplement will retain too much calcium that is not absorbed and may cause constipation or kidney-related problems.  
Do you know the actual amount of calcium supplement we consume that is effectively absorbed into our body?  Current studies show that general calcium supplement having particle size of micron (about the diameter of a human hair) has an absorption rate of only 2% to 10%. The untold story from calcium supplement manufacturers is that particle size and source of calcium can greatly affect calcium absorption. 
AceNano Calcium is a calcium supplement formula which provides adequate calcium absorption with lesser dosage. It has a seamless course of absorption, evidently direct effectiveness but almost-to-none side effects.  
Ingredients Acenano Calcium is micronized calcium from the purest oyster shells and has the finest quality available in the market today. The powder is spherical and very narrow particle size distribution, ~65%±5% within 30nm~1µm, ~and <5% more than 3µm.symptoms caused by lack of calcium have also been cured.