Registration Date 14 Aug 2016



Automotive Maintenance Product Number : NCC-CE-NS

Car Wash Concentrate


Manufacturer Asserted

Zinc oxide

ZnO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-13-2
Diameter : 30 nm
Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 30 nm


Glass Car Gloves


Shake well before use. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 : 300. That means approximately 30ml of shampoo per 10l of clean water. If the bodywork is quite clean it is possible to use a lower concentration – 15ml per 10l of water. On the other hand if the bodywork is heavily soiled it is possible to use a stronger concentration of up to 1 : 30. Mix water with the shampoo and leave it to stand for about 2 minutes. Using a soft sponge, clean the bodywork with circular motions. Do not forget that the better you clean the surface the better the adhesive properties and service life of the subsequent polish will be! In cases of extremely dirty bodywork do not hesitate to wash your car two or more times. CAUTION – the most frequent reason for failures in application is when the surface that has not been properly degreased! The use of greasy preparations, such as clay or similar, or a preliminary washing of the car in an automatic car wash (where waste water with spray wax is usually recycled) may reduce the effect and shorten the service life of PIKATEC polish. Also air compressors, used to dry the car body, sometimes exude oil, which is used to lubricate the compressor’s piston, along with the air – this is often the case unless the compressor is equipped with a filter. Do not apply under direct sunlight! Watch video instructions at or you can use the QR code.

Thermal stability UV Protection Abrasion Resistance Hardness

Manufacturer's Description

A new formula of nano-preparation that highlights lacquer. In the first phase it is used to clean and remove impurities before Ceramic Nano Armour (nano-polish for car bodywork) is applied. In the second phase it is used to maintain the surface of the bodywork after Ceramic Nano Armour has been applied and to prolong the service life of this polish. After the polish has been applied try to avoid the use of industrial detergents on the car if possible. (They often destroy all protective polishes and surfaces, including wax.) However, the new formula has also significantly improved the resistance to these detergents. A treated surface of the bodywork exposed to washing (15 times) with a very strong detergent solution has lost only 10 % of its hydrophobic properties. (Test with detergent: 50 ml of detergent in 2 litres of water – each time washing an identical spot on the bodywork for one minute).
Nanoparticles (billionths of a metre) easily penetrate pores on the surface and remove stains caused by oil and insects. This preparation is optimised for manually washing car, ship and motorcycle bodywork. It is harmless to the environment.