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Spray For Life® Nano Super B-Complex contains 10 water-soluble vitamins that are critical to cell metabolism, which harvests energy to create and support your body’s chemical reactions. They are also essential to the nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin and hair and because the human body cannot manufacture them. While the B vitamins work together, they also each perform specific roles. Spray For Life® Nano Super B-Complex allows you to maximize vitamins for energy and meet your health needs. Pregnant? Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is crucial for fetal development. Is your energy production a bit lacking? Vitamin B1 (thiamin) or B-12 (cobalamin) can help. Want to support a healthy immune system? Ensure you have adequate Vitamin B6. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, your sources of the vitamin B complex are numerous, but the quantity of the vitamin B’s are limited in the foods you eat. So it’s extremely important to replenish with dietary supplements. Spray For Life® Nano Super B-Complex assists bariatric surgery patients meet their daily requirements for these key vitamins. Deficiencies in vitamins B-1, B-6, and B-12 are common concerns for bariatric patients. Appropriate supplementation with a synchronized B complex of this nature and findings as seen in clinical studies conducted at major institutions around the U.S., show patients' had improvement, particularly in several required nutritional pathways in the body and several deficiency syndromes. Spray For Life® Nano Super B-Complex is the new generation and composition of B Vitamins that provides all its benefits plus the highest level of activity, penetration into tissues, organs and cells and metabolic availability never before achievable by any former known technology.

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For those individuals seeking the health benefits provided by supplementation, you may realize that there are many factors which are required to digest, assimilate and ultimately absorb the vital nutrients essential for life. Many supplements fail to meet these requirements, especially when it comes to absorption. It is not that simple, according to numerous doctors who specialize in nutrition. You are not just what you put into your mouth, nor are you the supplements you take, according to the specialists—you are what you ABSORB.
The recent breakthroughs we have achieved with our unique NanoSynergy® technology have changed the supplement industry. Our proven NanoSyzed™ process creates vitamins and supplements with exceptional stability, longer shelf life and great taste ... that actually work.
We manufacture our products for you in a “10,000 Class Cleanroom” rated processing facility, using the highest quality, premium grade ingredients. All of our Nano Supplements are natural and are free of synthetics, sugar, excipients (binders, fillers, wax, shellac, talcum, etc.), salt, corn, wheat, yeast, milk derivatives, artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, animal gelatin, soy and peanut products as well as GMO's.