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NANO technology lets us take off the boxing gloves. We are able to snap together the fundamental building blocks of nature easily, inexpensively and in most of the ways permitted by the laws of physics. We can also dissemble or separate these building blocks back into their individual bricks. Existing manufactured materials can be re-engineered into molecular sized particles. This same technology which is used to continue the revolution in computer hardware beyond about the next decade can also let us fabricate an entire new generation of nutritional products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter, and more precise. Being of such small particle sizes, allows for faster, more efficient assimulation of the nutritional products into our body. The longer a nutritional supplement sits in your digestive system, the more chance it has at being attacked by stomach acid, enzymes and bacteria.

Manufacturer's Description

ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition, the first company in the world to bring you a scientific breakthrough in creatine performance and purity, now ups the benchmark with the introduction of HPC – High Performance Creatine, NANO Creatine Performance FormulaUsing NANO Technology, HPC incorporates ingredients that have been scientifically proven to maximise uptake of creatine into your muscle cells and also provide optimal hydration and support for maximum performance during exercise and nutrient uptake after exercise. This also effectively makes HPC, the most advanced sports drink in the world.
NANO Technology enhanced, with ingredients like, Taurine, B vitamins, mineral phosphates and pharmaceutical grade Dextrose, HPC is an advanced sports formula providing performance enhanced energy and fluid replenishing electrolytes to fuel you through your exercise workouts and help increase recovery rate, with the added bonus of performance and recovery enhancing NANO Creatine. At ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition we are always looking to improve what we already have. It is what keeps us ahead of our competition. Increasing the effectiveness of NANO Creatine was no easy task, because NANO Creatine is already extremely effective by itself. Using the scientific research found on increasing nutrient uptake within muscles cells, including creatine, we have developed the HPC formula.