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NANO technology lets us take off the boxing gloves. We are able to snap together the fundamental building blocks of nature easily, inexpensively and in most of the ways permitted by the laws of physics. We can also dissemble or separate these building blocks back into their individual bricks. Existing manufactured materials can be re-engineered into molecular sized particles. This same technology which is used to continue the revolution in computer hardware beyond about the next decade can also let us fabricate an entire new generation of nutritional products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter, and more precise. Being of such small particle sizes, allows for faster, more efficient assimulation of the nutritional products into our body. The longer a nutritional supplement sits in your digestive system, the more chance it has at being attacked by stomach acid, enzymes and bacteria.

Manufacturer's Description

Almost every day we hear other athletes say that they don't have the energy or strength to get through their training session. After you begin using Xtreme-Energy 750 you will never face these barriers again.
Xtreme- Energy 750 is a very effective energy enhancer. Imagine a product that can increase your mental focus, training intensity and energy all in one. Xtreme Energy 750 is so effective and pure that it can do this. That's right; Xtreme- Energy 750 is a high performance product, which delivers more energy and strength than any other product in the market today.The means by which Xtreme Energy improves athletic performance is by stimulation of the central nervous system (alertness); and via mobilization of free fatty acids in the bloodstream for the production of energy. This increases the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR), improves stamina and stimulates the release of calcium in muscle fibres; subsequently leading to improved muscle contraction as well as increased muscle strength which increases Muscle Strength and stimulates Skeletal Muscle activity. Also it increases the number o cholinergic receptors in the brain, increasing concentration, acuity and attention span, significantly bolstering mood through increases in the number of 5-Hydroxytryptamine receptors (serotonin receptors) in the brain.
By using Xtreme-Energy 750 your mental focus, strength and energy will dramatically increase. More energy and strength means that you will lift heavier weights enabling you to build muscle mass quicker, like never before. If you play sport, you will be able to go faster for longer, lifting your athletic performance to new levels.