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Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels* Balanced hormones* Improved joint function* Healthy heart and brain function* Radiant skin, hair and nails* Powerful antioxidant protection* Healthy immune function* Anti-inflammatory protection against disease* Cardiovascular and metabolic health Cellular protection and nourishment

Manufacturer's Description

Liquid Fish Oil with Vitamin D and E Complex + Tocotreinols
Delicious Fish Oil with All the Omega-3 Benefits And So Much More!
Studies have shown that essential fatty acids (EFAs) – especially omega-3 EFAs – can reduce inflammation and improve your immune system and brain function which means you need a DHA supplement. Until now, the best way to get omega-3 EFAs was by eating wild, fatty fish or taking large unpleasant-tasting fish oil pills. Now there is an liquid fish oil alternative: nanoEPA, a delicious, omega-3 burpless fish oil with Vitamin D and E complex and tocotrienols. It's like dessert on a spoon. And best part of this EPA DHA supplement: absolutely ZERO FISH BURPS!
We use fresh caught wild sardine and anchovy that is purified and distilled. We also make sure each batch is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pcb's, dioxin's, lead or mercury. We know that quality is everything, especially now when clean sourcing is scarce. It is our promise to give you the best and most pure formulation guaranteed.
Not only is nanoEPA of the highest quality, it is like 4 products in one and eliminates the need to take these extra supplements separately:
Vitamin D3Vitamin E complexTocotrienols