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Nano Nutrients for Crops


Agriculture Fertilizers



NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


Use for all Crops, Flower, Plants, Trees and Creepers Add 2ml of product to 1 Liter of water spray on to leaves All farmers irrespective of irrigation facilities can use this product to enhance yields
Crops Tree Flower Plants


Nano nutrients have small particle size. 3 - 50 nano meters, with large surface area When sprayed on to leaves it delivers all nutrients to chloropyll directly It enhances efficiency of photosynthesis Plants grow well and give high yields Economical way to deliver nutrients Higher resistance to pests and diseases due to presence of silica in the formulation The quality of agricultural produce is excellent Agricultural Produce has good keeping qualities Food and fodder production of the nation can be increased substantially Presence of all micronutrients in teh leaf improves animal health and boosts milk production Even small, marginal and rain fed farms can benefit from this technology Cultivation costs wil come down significantly This Nano micronutrient led Green Revolution will result in a quantum jump in agricultural productivity Yield increases by 10 to 25%

High Specific Surface Area Photosynthesis Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

All plants require many micronutrients. Excess use of fertilizer and intensive cultivation is depleting soil of micro nutrients. Micronutrients are now being provided via chelated and colloidal products and these are expensive and sometimes ineffective. Each micro nutrient is to be applied separately.
It is a simple and effective solution to provide the micronutrients required by plants and trees as a foliar spray. That contains micronutrients required by any plant or tree in nano size, 5 to 100 nano meters.