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NASCO Decompose Media


Agriculture Fertilizers



The compost can then be mixed with bio fertilizers and bio control agents to increase the nutrient availability and crop production.
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Particle Size To enhance the speed of the composting process the bigger organic waste particles can be chopped into small pieces. Aeration To ensure sufficient aeration composting, piles should be aerated by inserting 1-2 inch plastic pipes. Moisture Requirement Sprinkle water at 5-7 days intervals during the early stage. Once the compost is mature the moistening operation can be stopped. Maturity of Compost Analyze the quality of compost and finally dry to reduce the moisture. Screen the compost to remove the undigested coarse material.

Environmentally Friendly Organic Root Activity Improvement Root Vigor Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

What is Nasco De Compose Media ?
Nasco Decompose Media is an agent for activating the composting process needed to degrade the farm residues. It is comprised of microbial Organisms, enzymes, cellulose and nutrient supplements. It can be used for preparation of compost from a variety of agricultural waste. Its use saves time and labour greatly shortening the composting process. The quality of the compost obtained is better.
Need for composting
The natural process of composting always takes much time for producing quality compost. The decaying organic matter may also tie up the nutrients by immobilization process and make them unavailable for plant growth. The composting process encourages creation of specific groups of organisms in its various stages. It converts the complex organic form of nutrients into simple forms by a rapid mineralization process. The nutrients are released in a slow and steady manner from the compost which can be utilized by the plants as they grow.
Mode of Action
The composting microorganisms present in NASCO Decompose Media transform molecules of organic matter into less complex substance and energy. The enzymes such as amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease produced by the De composter are responsible for decomposition.
Method of  composting
1 Kg (2x500gm.) of Nasco Decompose Media is mixed separately with 10 litres of 10% jaggery and kept overnight for the regeneration and multiplication of the microbial cultures present in Decompose-Media. After 24 hours of incubation, add enough water to made up 100 litres and spray this solution over 1 MT of farm waste.