Registration Date 31 Aug 2016

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CoolVu can be adopted for products with short and very long shelf lives thus can serve the food industry, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, cosmetics and other consumer goods.
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Manufacturer's Description

CoolVu is a Time Temperature Indicator suitable for all temperature sensitive products. This novel patent protected technology shows the total temperature history of the product it is attached to. The label is assembled from a metal label and a transparent label containing an etchant. Once the etchant label is put on top of the metal layer the label is activated. Labels can be kept in room temperature conditions prior to activation for a long time. The etching process is time and temperature dependent revealing a visual change at the end of the process. CoolVu can be calibrated for product with shelf life of days to years and can be designed as a one step or multi step TTI.Application of CoolVu is done using a two head applicator on the packaging line.