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Consumers across North America are now discovering how to pick the perfect pear with ripeSense®. Thanks to ripeSense®, your customers can now pick the perfect pear, every time. Each four piece pack has a color-changing sensor spot, which shows exactly how ripe the fruit is. With one quick glance, your customers can choose pears that are exactly as ripe as they like them! With so many choices and so little time, modern shoppers demand consistency they can trust. By simply checking the color of the ripeSense® sensor, your customers can confidently choose the perfect pears for them, every time. The ripeSense® sensor helps you accurately manage your produce department’s inventory. The clamshell packaging protects the fruit in transit and on your shelves enabling you to sell truly ripe pears. At home, the color of the sensor tells the customers exactly when the pears are perfect for eating. Refrigerating the pack will slow down ripening, and keep them that way! For customers who value superior quality produce, the tasty pears in a ripeSense® four piece pack are the best around. The pick of the crop, ripeSense® pears are graded USA #1 – more than enough to exceed the expectations of even your most selective customers. The ripeSense® sensor indicates the ripeness of fruit. Consumers can choose fruit at their preferred level of ripeness. Once the sensor has reached the desired colour of ripeness, the fruit can be refrigerated to significantly slow down the ripening process. Consumers can purchase ripeSense® packs in advance knowing that the fruit will be ripe when they want to eat it. For example, if the sensor is red, the fruit is at the beginning of its ripening process and has a significant shelf life. It is important to note that the time span for ripening will vary for each type of fruit. By making the selection process simple and accurate, ripeSense® allows for instant gratification and places fruit on a par with competing snack categories. Fruit becomes a convenient purchase. The recyclable ripeSense® pack provides improved hygiene security as it protects fruit from being handled or squeezed by other shoppers.

Ripeness Indication

Manufacturer's Description

ripeSense® is the worlds first intelligent sensor label that changes colour to indicate the ripeness of fruit. 
Ripe fruit is now instantly recognisable. Many types of fruit do not change colour as they ripen and visible signs of ripening can vary between the different varieties of each fruit. Not knowing if, or when the fruit has reached their preferred state of ripeness is frustrating for consumers and a barrier to purchase. ripeSense® eliminates this problem by clearly showing the exact ripeness of specific fruit.

The ripeSense® sensor works by reacting to the aromas released by the fruit as it ripens. The sensor is initially red and graduates to orange and finally yellow. By matching the colour of the sensor with your eating preferences, you can now accurately choose fruit as ripe as you like it. As you know from visits to the fresh produce section of your local supermarket, fruit produces aroma as it ripens.
The ripeSense® sensor changes colour by reacting to the aroma released by fruit as it ripens. The sensor is initially red and graduates to orange and finally yellow. By matching the colour of the sensor with their eating preferences, customers can accurately choose fruit as ripe as they like it.