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Vegetable & Fruits Cleaner


Home Appliance Housecleaning Product Number : CWC-9000

Vegetable Cleaner


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Vegetable Fruit


Removing pesticide residues completely from the fruit and vegetables. Powered by four electric oscillators. Nano-silver/Ozone-Extermination Germs. Washing and sterilizing dishes. No more bacteria such as colon bacillus, salmonella and O-157. Defrosting frozen meat or fish in 5 minutes.

Pesticide Removal

Manufacturer's Description

Ultrasonic waves (the sound that is not audible and the frequency of over 20KHZ0 gene rate a huge energy which is increasingly used for medical treatments, scientific tests, electronic and general industries as well as chemical experiments.

Ultrasonic washer, designed to fit your sink at home, is a future oriented product for cleaning and even sterilizing fruit, vegetables and dishes.
The Ultrasonic is not audible and has the frequency of over 10KHz. When it is projected in the liquid, you can see that the uncountable minute cavitations are created and dissipated repeatedly at a rate of 40,000 times per second. Cavitations accompanies stirring effect and chemical and thermal effect that is due to the destruction of the bubble. The iteration of these kinds of effects makes it possible to remove the every single minute dirt, blot and pesticide residues completely, which is not possible by was hing with the normal methods. It is Ciko's Ultrasonic washer that uses this principle.