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Pearl Pigment


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




Achievement of Low Electric Resistivity during Short Processing Time Highly Qualified and Fine-Pitch Printing Excellent Adhesion to Various Substrate, such asIntensive reflection SHINESTAR reflects light without any loss due to the metal layer on its surface. The strong reflection of the visible light makes SHINESTAR more effective and decorative. SHINESTAR shows the same sparkling effect at any angle of incident. Applicability SHINESTAR is applicable to various formulations easily. It is dispersed very uniformly in the formulations. It has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability. Photo-stability SHINESTAR has excellent color stability. When SHINESTAR is dispersed in the transparent resin of nail polish, SHINESTAR is less oxidized in the formulations than competitors’ products because of the advanced coating technology of ABC NANOTECH. Glass, PI, PC, PET, etc.

Chemical Stability Thermal stability Oxidation Resistance Reflectivity Enhancement Color stability

Manufacturer's Description

SHINESTAR is a new type of pearl pigments developed by ABC NANOTECH. It is coated with precious metals, such as silver, gold and palladium on calcium aluminum borosilicate. SHINESTAR shines like jewels. SHINESTAR sparkles intensively because the metals reflect 100% of light. Interference pearl pigments in markets cannot perform this much level of sparkling effect because they lose some of light in reflecting it.ABC NANOTECH provides several grades of SHINESTAR classified by average particle size (from 30 to 200㎛), average particle thickness (2 and 5㎛) and precious metal contents (15%~30%). The different particle size and thickness of SHINESTAR show various effects in applications. The small particle size of SHINESTAR provides an even sparkling effect with better coverage. The big particle size of SHINESTAR achieves strong brilliance effect.