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Registration Date 9 Sep 2016

Nano Ceramic IR Cut Film


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : KBT-A-8030

Ceramic Film


NPD Conjectured


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


- Visible Light Transmittance(%) : 24%~80% - IR CUT(%) ; 30%~90% - UV CUT(%) : 98% - Thickness(㎛) : 37.5㎛~ 75㎛ - Strength is strong - Safety by pieces of broken glass prevention - Condensation phenomenon prevention

Mechanical Resistance Transparency UV Protection

Manufacturer's Description

○ Among the wavelength of light from the sun, UV rays of 150nm ~ 380nm discolors materials or cause damage to the skin, and near infrared rays of 780nm ~ 2500nm contains heat energy of up to 53% of solar energy (Refer to high technology graph). ○ Therefore, the product that shows high transmittance in wavelengths between 380nm ~ 780nm and rejects more infrared and UV rays is IR cut film, through which it can be called the very highest-grade product in window films. Also, infrared rays can be categorized to near infrared rays which originate from sunlight and far infrared rays which occur in everyday light, such as heat of heater. A good IR cut film rejects both types of infrared rays. IR cut film supplied by KBT is a true IR cut film that rejects both near and far infrared rays. ○ KBT understands IR cut films are high-priced than the ordinary window film and have many differences according to the way it is manufactured or its functions.Knowing that the true evaluation of the quality and price of IR cut film such as functionality and applicability is made solely by companies in the window film business, KBT confidently offers our IR cut film to the window film business company.