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Sonic & UV (UP-321)


Medicine Dentistry

Denture Cleaner


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




● Plug-n-Play ● Auto Shut Off Function ● Light Weight ● Maintance Free ● Green Renewable Energy, 0% Pollution ● Nano-Silver Technology

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization

Manufacturer's Description

At Digimax we have developed 3 different types of denture cleaners to suit your specific needs. This gives you a range of denture cleaners that best suits you whether it’s light maintenance cleaning or deep ultrasonic cleaning.
Dentures aren’t maintenance free. The same debris that accumulates on natural teeth (micro-organisms, dental plaque, tartar, stain and food particles) will tend to accumulate on them on a regular bases too. That means in order to keep your false teeth fresh and clean in your mouth and keep your mouth healthy you’ll need to perform daily maintenance. Cleaning your false teeth with the UP-321 which uses sonic vibration waves to which will give you a way to “scrub” their surface at a microscopic level. The UP-321 make it possible for you to dislodge micro-organisms and debris at a level where your brush’s bristles have minimal effect. While brushing is a good way to remove the bulk accumulation and film, it’s not so effective at a microscopic level. New studies that have inspected the surface of dentures using an electron microscope have found that even the most diligent prushing session typically fails to remove a substantial amount microscopic debris. That’s because the porous is often scratched and marred and the surface of the false teeth harbor innumerable nooks and crannies. Most of these are smaller than the width of a single brush bristle but more that large enough for micro-organisms to inhabit. 9 out of 10 customers that use our products are satisfied with our hearing aids and we are constantly getting positive news feedback from our users about how our denture cleaners have changed their lives. Our denture cleaners are suitable for all ages weather you are young or a great grandparent. The UP-321 is our mid-level type denture cleaner and is one of our best selling denture cleaners out of our 3 denture cleaner categories. The container is infused with nano-silver particulates which effectively removes bacteria’s and odors that are present on your dentures. The sonic vibrations emitted by the UP-321 at 8 000Hz per second causes microscopic air bubbles in the water causing the nano-silver to penetrate the bacteria’s that are hiding in hard to reach place. The ultraviolet light works at a 265nm wavelenght to sterilize your dentures but killing the bacteria's that are exposed to the ultraviolet light. The UP-321 can either be operated by 2 AA batteries or an AC adapter, which makes the denture cleaner easy to carry around when travelling. These functions are what makes the UP-321 such a popular products amongst our peers.