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Registration Date 13 Sep 2016

Super Nano Air Handling Unit


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : KAE-120

Air Purifier


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Hospital, Lab, Clean room, Semi conductor plant, Food processing plant, Bio Lab etc.
Food industry Hospitals Clean room


1. Sterilization of MULTI METAL NANO Have at least 99.5% to 99.9% in 45 min. Depend on kind of bacteria. 2. Feature of SUPER NANO Air Handling Unit KACECO SUPER NANO can be used at variety AHU type. It using special treatment system, not manufacture part or unit for, since cost increase Is not so high. Coat casing inside, coil fin and fan with metal nano liquid to intercept air pollution by bacteria from inside of AHU, since can feel the absolutely elegant air. Used high energy efficiency fan for energy saving effect. Can compose perfect sterilization AHU from both of in and outside by using special filter, since possible to create indoor environment close to nature.

Self-sterilizing Air Purification

Manufacturer's Description

KACECO AHU which the best choice for your indoor HVAC system.Importance of air condition is getting higher by development of industry and technology. Moreover, people are finding a new meaning in importance of indoor environment, especially air which we are breathing right now.Every location need different air condition technology and skill, but it has limit with grooved standard products which manufactured by automatic produce line to get perfect air condition you need and want.For satisfy your request about indoor environment, KACECO preparing perfect solution here. We design system, unit and choose material and type, producing style by your request, since create your own air condition system but nobody else. Quality of KACECO products are guaranteed by KS, GQ, Q, ISO 9001 and CE.Feel the your own nature with KACECO technology in your space.For more information, contact to KACECO International.