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CHARMY Magica Unscented Refill pack


Home Appliance Housecleaning

Dishwashing Detergent


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




(1) Stronger antibacterial power than previous Magica products eliminates germs on cutting boards as well as sponges and dishcloths3 With even stronger antibacterial properties than previous Magica products, Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) fights germs not only on sponges, but also cutting boards, dishcloths and other items. 3. Does not eliminate all bacteria. (2) Proprietary nano-cleansing mechanism makes grease slide like water off dishes from the moment washing begins until the final rinse, making cleanup faster (3) New navy on white package design communicates the product’s strong antibacterial properties (4) Comes in an invigorating Citrus Green fragrance

Anti-bacterial Activity

Manufacturer's Description

Lion released Magica dishwashing detergent in January 2015. Thanks to the product’s excellent detergency, which makes grease slide off dishes like water, 2015 sales of Magica reached 129%1 of sales of similar products in the previous year (based on total sales for January through December 2015). Stimulated by the release of Magica, the dishwashing detergent market as whole also grew 5%1 year on year (based on total sales for January through December 2015). In recent years, approximately six in ten consumers have expressed a preference for antibacterial dishwashing detergents with many seeking detergents that offer antibacterial effects strong enough to kill germs clinging to items like cutting boards and dishcloths. To meet this demand, Lion is now releasing new Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) with heightened antibacterial power that eliminates germs from not only sponges but also such items as cutting boards and dishcloths. At the same time, approximately 15% of consumers actively seek out dishwashing detergents that present no detectable fragrance (2015 Lion survey). To meet this demand for reduced-fragrance and odor products, Lion has developed the market’s only unscented detergent formula.2 This new product, Magica Unscented, is now being released. The Magica product lineup uses nano-cleansing technology to make stubborn grease slide like water off dishes. By adding two new products with features that meet additional consumer needs to the lineup, Lion is helping consumers achieve even quicker, more effective cleanup.