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Nano Cyclic Cleanser PINK


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Skin Recharge Cleanser


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




Nano Cyclic Cleanser Pink contains an extra collagen concentration that is ideal for normal skin types. Cyclic also: ● Contains sericin to provide natural UV protection ● Removes makeup gently and easily ● Can be used to clean scalp and help hair feel strong

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Stain Resistance Anti-fungal Activity Deodorization

Manufacturer's Description

A Colloid is a substance that is microscopically found throughout another substance. An example of this would be minerals in mineral water.  Silver Colloid is silver of 99.99% purity that is melted in distilled water or refined water with a diameter of 0.005-0.15 microns, the optimal size for the body to absorb it.Silver Colloid is reported to be very effective at sterilizing germs. Silver Colloids are not toxic and have no taste if made properly, thus they can be used both internally and externally. It is an anti-microbial and a sterilizer with a broad range, and is highly effective in reducing the length of an illness and accelerating improvement of an illness for various kinds of germs.Cyclic is a combination of five main ingredients - silver, silica, collagen, chitosan, sericin – to create a unique and remarkable cleanser.

Cyclic Cleanser is a scientifically balanced blend of Nano Silver and natural ingredients.Cyclic’s special formula enables deep cleansing of skin pores and helps reproduce new skin cells.Pink cleanser contains extra collagen and sericin. The pink formula is mild and ideal for normal skin and sensitive types.