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e-NANO Air Purifier MT400


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3-Step Air Purification Process Aromatherapy Simple and Lightweight Design 2-Speed Fan Modes Filter Replacement Indicator Silent Operation Sterilisation: With its e-Nano filter's innovative design, the MT400's collects and sterilises the air from PM2.5s to ensure that it is completely safe to breathe. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy, an additional feature of the MT400, allows you to use your own choice of aroma oil, allowing you to gain its healing benefits. Deodorisation: The MT400's 3D Carbon Filter removes all uninvited offensive odours present in your home. Combining this with its aromatherapy brings favourable results. Purification: The MT400 releases OH radicals that powerfully sterilises and disinfects more than 99% of various bacteria, keeping it safe and purified for you to breathe. Simple and Lightweight Design: Compare to other air purifiers, the Aztech MT400 occupies less space and weighs less. Two Speed Modes: Capable of both High and Low Speed Modes. Informative Device LEDs: Designed with informative LEDs to easily help you identify the your MT400’s status at a glance. Filter Replacement Indicator: Intelligently reminds you to change the MT400’s Carbon Filter once it has reached its filtering life span. Low Cost Power and Maintenance: The Aztech MT400 only requires the Carbon filter to be changed. In addition, with its low power consumption of 6W, enjoy using it throughout the day without making too much costs. *$1.18 per Month (Based on 24 Hours of Daily Use)

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Deodorization Air Purification

Manufacturer's Description

Aztech MT400 Air Purifier uniquely combines Aromatherapy, Sterilisation, Deodorisation, and Purification that allow you to remove room odours, allergens, and even airborne viruses present in your room. Ensuring a dust and bacteria free air that is fragrant and healing at the same time.Step 1: e-Nano FilterCollects more than 99% of particles under PM2.5, such as Odours, and bacteria.
Step 2: Carbon Filter
Removes the odour present in the filtered air eliminating Sick House Syndrome (SHS), Acetic Acid, smoke and other health risks.
Step 3: Ultra Plasma Ion (UPI) FIlter
Emits OH (Oxygen and Hydrogen) radicals that neutralises harmful substances present in the air.
Optional: Aromatherapy
Provides various healing benefits while providing your own choice of aroma.