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Registration Date 25 Sep 2016

Nano-scale photo-catalytic air purifier


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : PN-AB-I/4

Air Purifier


PN-AB model air purifier adopts sliding slot installation method, featuring fast and convenient installation, and easy maintenance. By introducing overseas advanced technologies, the product utilizes UV lamp to activate nano grade photo catalyst to effectively kill and remove multiple bacteria, fungi, formaldehyde and other toxic gases. Installed inside the air conditioner case, the product is suitable for large wind volume equipment with wind speed ≥2.5m/s-5m/s. If the wind volume >10000m3/h, PN-AB-I/20 model air purifier is recommended.

Anti-pollution Deodorization Air Purification

Manufacturer's Description

PN-AB model air purifier is designed for centralized air supply system, especially suitable for large indoor public space. Featuring high sterilizing efficiency, the product can operate simultaneously with the entire air supply system; it can be installed before the air conditioning unit’s cooling coil to work in cooperation with the unit’s primary and medium-efficiency filter, so as to improve system’s cooling and heating effects, and prolong its service life; featuring convenient installation, it can be matching with products from any air conditioner case manufacturers to bring more thorough air purification results