Registration Date 25 Sep 2016

NANO2 HD – Whole Home Air Purifier


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Anti-microbial activity Air Purification

Manufacturer's Description

The NANO2 HD is our most popular product for home and office air purification and detoxification. Using a 3 stage filtration system and multi-stage air purification process, the NANO2 will enhance your living and working environment, eliminating odors, allergens and bacteria while helping you breathe better.
The NANO2 has settings for multiple levels of purification, with automatic and manual setting for better managing your unique air purification requirements. The intelligent air regeneration mode, together with simple user-friendly design and easy operation, enables smart operation adjustment (based on selected room size) during the air regeneration process.
This unit is a powerful solution to the air pollutants that result from a home renovation as harmful VOCs can be found in paints, varnishes, sealants, adhesives, wood furniture, and flooring.  The NANO2 HD has a formaldehyde adsorber to remove formaldehyde and other water soluble VOCS  a well as the NCCO reactor which breaks down oil soluble VOCs such as paint thinner and acetone.
The NANO2 is designed for areas up to 2500 sq. ft when used in conjunction with your home heating or air conditioning HVAC furnace system.