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Registration Date 25 Sep 2016

NCCO-600 Air Purifier


Environment Air Remediation

Air Purifier


Nano Filters act as a catalyst that speeds up the decomposition of pollutants and airborne bacteria in the air Release O3 to kill many airborne germs, bacteria and allergens Eliminate harmful organic compounds such as allergen, virus, bacteria and TVOCs effectively Reduce respiration suspended particles in the air to avoid spreading of fungi and bacteria Freshens the air inside the vehicle-keeping you more alert and on the go. High efficiency and low noise Compact design, easy placement on the vehicle such as air vent outlet, drink holder or dashboard LED light indicates the air quality Maintenance free.

Manufacturer's Description

The air inside a typical vehicle can carry a concentration of pollutants several times higher than that found in the air outdoors.  This inexpensive and effective "NCCO 600" Air Purifier, adopts the technology of NCCO (Nano-confined Catalytic Oxidation Technology with Nano filter), can continuously decompose the contaminants trapped in the filter and provide a mechanism to eliminate the release of ozone.  The "NCCO 600" provides a less expensive, safer, more environmental friendly maintenance and operating procedure than more conventional air purification products designed for the car.   The picture below shows the result of  plugging in the NCCO-600 Air Purifier. 

Weight: 450gDimension:125 * 65 * 65 mmNano Filter :30gAir Flow Rate:10cfmNoise Level < 30d/BAEffective Area:25-30 sq.feetPower Supply:12 V DC