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The water repellant and gliding effect of ski wax is increased even more. Using nano-CFC® technology, ski wax gains advanced and unrivalled properties. HOLMENKOL has integrated nano-CFC® into their Powder collection. Further products are to follow. Thanks to nano-CFC® technology, SpeedFinish products display better cross-linkage than conventional products which greatly enhances their abrasion resistance, water repellent and gliding effects and thereby allows much higher speeds. The nano-CFC® technology is a focussed improvement of the Lotus Hybrid Matrix as is used, e.g., in HOLMENKOL impregnations. The waterproof effect of HOLMENKOL high-tech impregnations was ranked “very good” by the German consumer association Stiftung Warentest.

Lubricity Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

Traditionally the features of ski wax are purely based on chemical reactions. After 2 years ofdevelopment, HOLMENKOL has managed to unite the excellent chemicalproperties of glide wax with the latest physical findings on surface effects. This is a new development which will revolutionize the whole ski wax and sports coating industry within the next few years. That said, we were able to first combine chemistry and physics in a ski wax. Using the new patented nano-CFC® technology, almost any substrate can be physically refined using a special coating. In detail, a substrate such as fluor powder is coated using nano composites. Through its application, a nano-structured surfaceis achieved which offers additiona physical effects. The chemical properties and benefits of the substrate are preserved and even improved by the newly created physical features. By applying nano-CFC® products, enhancing effects are “conjured up” by fractal crystallization. An extreme example helps to demonstrate how much the original features of a material can be enhanced: using special technology, the smallest droplets of water canbe coated with nano composites, thereby turning liquid water into dry powder. By rubbing, the powder reverts to its original liquid state again.