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Environment Air Remediation

Environmental Sensor


* Indoor air quality monitors * Air cleaners * Ventialtion control * Kitchen range hood control
Air quality monitoring


* Surface mount package * Low power consumption * High sensitivity to cigarette smoke, cooking odors, and gaseous air contaminants * Long life * Low cost

Manufacturer's Description

Smaller, with significantly reduced power consumption. The history of gas sensor development has frequently focused on miniaturization and reduced power consumption. Figaro Engineering has succeeded in development of the TGS8100 MEMS semiconductor gas sensor, boasting a size and power consumption among the lowest in the world which in turn simplify product design and enhance automated manufacturing.
The sensing element is comprised of a sensing chip and an integrated heaterformed on a silicon substrate using MEMS technology, and a metal-oxidesemiconductor layer formed on the sensing chip. The device is housed in asurface-mount ceramic package. Due to miniaturization of the sensing chip,TGS 8100 requires a heater power consumption of only 15mW, and is suitablefor low-power equipment and battery-operated instruments. In the presence ofdetectable gas, sensor conductivity increases depending on gas concentrationin the air. A simple electrical circuit can convert the change in conductivity toan output signal which corresponds to the gas concentration.The TGS 8100 has high sensitivity to low concentrations of gaseous aircontaminants such as cigarette smoke and cooking odors. By utilizing thechange ratio of sensor resistance from the resistance in clean air as relativeresponse, human perception of air contaminants can be simulated and practicalair quality control can be achieved.