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Registration Date 5 Oct 2016

MOS for Reducing Gases


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : MICS-5524

Environmental Sensor


This application is to provide information on how to use SGX metal oxide sensors and to interpret the sensor responses. The information should be read in conjunction with the individual sensor datasheet and the other application notes found on the website. The areas covered are as follows:  Basic sensor principle and performance parameters – at the basic level providing qualitative response.  How to connect the sensors.  How to run the sensors, details of the type of test circuit and how to measure the output.  Warm up time.  Sensor Responses to gas need for calibration of individual sensors with target gas.  The effect of environmental factors, temperature, drift, flow rates etc.  Other performance parameters, cross-sensitivity, response time, sensor poisons, etc.
Gas detection


Low heater current Wide detection range High sensitivity Available in SMD packages High resistance to shocks and vibrations Miniature dimensions Long life expectancy Has the benefit of a patented low power heater design Very fast thermal response Electrostatic discharge protected Suitable for measurement or alarm warning applications.

High sensitivity

Manufacturer's Description

The MiCS-5524 is a robust MEMS sensor for indoorcarbon monoxide and natural gas leakage detection;suitable also for indoor air quality monitoring; breathchecker and early fire detection.
SGX has a proprietary MOS technology utilizing state of the art MEMS technology, combining a specialized nano-particle sensing layer with a patented poly-silicon heater.
This unique design creates a highly sensitive and responsive semiconductor sensor, manufactured on an automotive production line for outstanding quality and performance.
These sensors are easily capable to detect and measure combustible and pollution gasses in parts per billion (PPB) and are suitable for many environmental, automotive and industrial applications worldwide.