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Environment Soil Remediation

Soil Remedation


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Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O Nanoporous CAS Number : 1318-02-1


Removal of Toxic Pollutants

Manufacturer's Description

Enviro-Guard is made from 100% Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite. Zeolite will absorb around 60% of its mass in liquids, while locking in Oils, Grease, Gasoline, Paint, Diesel, Coolants, Hydraulic Fluids, and other Harmful Chemicals. What sets Enviro-Guard apart from other spill absorbents such as Clay or Diatomaceous Earth is what happens to the chemicals once they end up in a landfill.Zeolite has an open cage-like structure that is full of oil capturing tunnels. These tunnels contain a very large surface area for spills to become locked into; this process is what is known as molecular sieving. What locks the spilt chemicals in place is a combination of the caged structure and the natural negative magnetic charge that each granule creates, this process is known as Cation Exchange Capacity. The combination of capturing through sieves and exchanging ions to hold compounds magnetically  throught a process of ion-exchange to keep compounds locked into place.Leaching water from landfills is always a concern in their construction and maintenance. A failure in the liner of a landfill, or issue during transportation can cause harm through leaching into nearby aquifers and water supplies. Enviro-Guard uses is unique molecular combosition to help prevent these occurences. If there is a failure at the landfill that causes rainwater to filter through the trash and flow into a water source, then Enviro-Guard will do its part by not releasing the chemicals and oils that were adsorbed into each granule. Once a Hydro-Carbon is locked into the Zeolite granule, it becomes trapped there through the ion-exchange process. Do your part to protect the environment by using Granular Zeolite Enviro-guard on your next oil or fluid spill.