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Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O Nanoporous CAS Number : 1318-02-1


BRZ™ has been used extensively for the development of golf course greens. It is an excellent soil amendment for sports fields, commons areas, parks, lawns, gardens, for any sandy soils, and for higher value crops such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, alfalfa, etc.


It reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation by up to 35%. It holds the moisture in the growth zone. It holds nitrogen in the growth zone. By virtue of its high CEC, it holds much of the nitrogen so that it is plant accessible but not water-soluble. Since 30 to 35% of most nitrogen fertilizers leach through the growth zone and report to the aquifer, it reduces the nitrogen fertilizer requirement. • It will recharge itself with nitrogen from rainwater and subsequent fertilization application and will hold it in the growth zone. It helps prevent compaction, increases infiltration, and helps the aeration of deep root systems due to its high surface area and porosity. Compared to other domestic zeolites, BRZ™ has a higher CEC which allows the greater loading of plant nutrients such as nitrogen and micronutrients such as magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum, copper, chlorine; contains approximately 3.5% potassium which is a plant nutrient; contains very low sodium which is toxic to plants; has very little clay; and has a clinoptilolite content of 80 to 90 BRZ™ is 100% natural and when composted with manure, it becomes a natural fertilizer. BRZ™ will hold nitrogen and will help prevent the pollution of the water table by nitrates and nitrites. It is pale green in color unlike many zeolites that are white, and it visually blends into lawns, greens, and tees better than white material.

Hydrophile High Specific Surface Area Removal of Toxic Pollutants Aeration enhancement Irrigation reduction

Manufacturer's Description

The ability of BRZ™ to hold ammonium and its high potash content, low sodium content, and ability to hold water make BRZ™ an excellent soil amendment for golf courses, sport fields, parks, common areas, lawns, gardens, all sandy soils, and agricultural applications.
Size:                8 x 40,14 x 40, -40 mesh
Potassium:    3.5% (plant available but not water soluble)
Calcium:         1.6%  which is a pH buffer and plant nutrient
Sodium:         <0.5% (none water soluble)