Registration Date 5 Oct 2016

Single cubesat solar panels 3 unit


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GaAs Triple-junction solar cells from AZUR Space Body mounted on ISIS Aluminium or Carbon panels Includes Coarse sun sensors and temperature sensors Designed for LEO missions and requirements Harnessing included Manufactured according to space standards ECSS-E-20-08 MIL-PRF-13830 Crack and flash tests provided with characterisation Discounts for complete CubeSats solar panels sets Applications 1U/2U/3U CubeSats 6U/12U/24U Nano satellites Compatibility Compatible with ISIS and Pumpkin Structures Compatible with ISIS Antenna System Compliant to CubeSat Standard Compatible with QuadPack and ISIPOD Launch Adapters Compatible with GomSpace NanoPower EPS Compatible with all ISIS products

Harnessing included

Manufacturer's Description

ISIS provides a range of high performance CubeSat compatible solar panels. The panels come in 1-2U size with sun and temperature sensors and other custom options available on request. Its space qualified cells are provided with extensive characterization and test reports. Thanks to its very thin and customisable design, it fits on all CubeSat structures and subsystems such as ISIS antenna system.