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Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


Surface treatment of canopies, glass surfaces office buildings; Winter gardens, greenhouses; Skylights, hard-to-reach glass surfaces; Interior glass surfaces; Solar collectors/panels Shop windows Exterior glass surfaces of office buildings External glass surfaces of greenhouses and roofs Skylights, hard-to-reach glass surfaces Solar collector/panel surfaces Interior glass surfaces Shop windows
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Before implementation on solar panels and glass surfaces, a very special cleaning treatment must be applied, as traditional cleaning methods cannot be performed/used. The technology requires a special cleaning solution/agent which rids the glass surface 100% of fat, silicone residue and dirt and is the clean-up action need for the adequate/proper adhesion of the coating of self-cleaning glass surfaces. After cleaning, the surfaces will be stain-, dust-, and dirt-free . Self-cleaning coating applied with the special HVLP technology spraying method, which results in a very clean, stain-resistant coating that is completely transparent. Due to the ingredients the coating contains it dries quickly, after 12 hours it completely solidifies and rain or humidity can not damage it. After complete drying, self-cleaning effect of the coating persists for a period of 5 years.. H7 hardness level scratch-resistant surface. Improvement in energy production. Long service life. Spotless view through glass surfaces. Self-cleaning Environmental protection due to the photocatalytic air purification Certificates

Self-cleaning Waterproof

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We present you the self-cleaning Nanobase is very time consuming and costly to carry out the clean-up/cleaning
 After the titanium-dioxide coating treatment of the glass surface, the coating destroys any organic dirt particles that comes in contact with. Later, rainfall loosens and washes the dirt off the surface, and the facade and windows will remain brilliant in the long run. This process ensures a steady, spot-free view over 5 years. On the treated glass surfaces of office buildings rain won’t dry forming drops, instead, the coating forms a thin film (hydrophilic effect) Therefore, water on the surface evaporates very quickly and leaves a spotless surface. So you will have a permanently clean window that reflects elegance and professionalism.In addition to maintaining a clean surface, another important advantage of the coating is that the light reflection changes, so that the solar collector produces more energy. The result can be measured accurately: 3% performance increase!