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Pollution, traffic dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels. The more dirt – the lower amount of electricity they will produce. While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – dirty solar panels can be one of the biggest, and easiest to fix. Experts agree that dirty solar Experts agree that dirty solar panels don’t produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Individual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to ever clean their panels. One of the contributing factors in the drop of efficiency in solar PV panels is the accumulated dust on the solar panel. In practice, dust must be removed from the surface of solar PV panels in order to ensure highest performance. The Solar Energy Power Association notes that dirty solar panels can lose 20% of their energy output. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory puts that figure even higher, at 25%. Recent university research has shown that a dirty solar panel can lose 50% of it’s efficiency compared to a clean solar panel.

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New Service Solar Panel cleaning with Osmosis professional system & Steam.
Commercial Solar Panel CleaningAgricultural Solar Panel CleaningResidential Solar Panel CleaningOptional Nano protection for you panels from Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro can reduce the need for frequent solar panel cleaning – and if you live in an area where it rains often – using a nano-cleaning product lets the rain do most of the cleaning work for you.
A solar panel typically consists of solar cells covered by a protective glass coating, and just like your car windshield – the longer it’s outside – the more likely it will get dirty and need to be cleaned, in Spain it will more likely be covered in dust.