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Bed Sheet


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Bed Sheet


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


No matter how meticulous the infection control and cleaning protocol are for soiled sheets, as soon as clean sheets are put back into use they immediately become contaminated and the opportunity for the spread of bacteria causing infections is reintroduced. The Solution SilverCare Plus® bedding is clinically proven to continuously eliminate 99.9% of bacteria which comes into direct contact with the linen surfaces between regular scheduled launderings. Available in standard hospital sizing, our percale cotton and soft poly blends offer minimal shrinkage, optimal comfort, superior breathability, contributing to an overall healthier and more therapudic rest environment for patients.

Anti-bacterial Activity Durability Anti-microbial activity Softness

Manufacturer's Description

SilverCare Plus® antimicrobial performance fabrics are specifically designed to reduce both soft surface contamination and lateral transmission of bacterial causing infections from and between patients, visitors and health care personnel. Silver Care Plus® with X-Static® eliminates 99.9% of bacteria directly on the fabric, providing ongoing, comprehensive and proactive anti-microbial performance, reducing environmental contamination without additional cleaning protocols, behavior modification or training. The antibacterial technology behind X-Static is safe and has been proven time over to be the industry standard. Based on a permanent bonding process, X-Static® silver yarn is weaved into every one of our SilverCare Plus® fabrics. SilverCare Plus® antimicrobial performance fabrics are soft to the touch, durable, performance ready and guaranteed to provide antibacterial protection throughout the life of each product. Silver Care Plus® is an effective soft surface bacterial management solution and plays an important part in any health care facility's overall bacteria-reduction strategy.