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Registration Date 15 Oct 2016



Medicine Medical Supplies Product Number : DASNN0520

Wound Dressing


Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Wound healing


1. Provides protection and kills all kinds of bacteria 2. Microporous Structure Absorbs bacteria and tissue exudate from the wound, and reduces wound odor. 3. Blocks ultraviolet radiation, and prevents pigmentation 4. Shortens wound healing time, and cuts down medical costs 5. Can be cut into the size and shape of the wound 6. Porous and moisturizing, and provides a moist environment for wound healing 7. Does not affect X-ray or MRI examination

Anti-microbial activity Impermeability

Manufacturer's Description

KoCarbonAg is a new generation silver activated carbon fiber dressing clinically proven to provide antimicrobial effect.
KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing™ is designed for infectious acute/chronic wounds and difficult wounds. The lining (wound contact layer) of KoCarbonAg® Antimicrobial Dressing™ is primarily composed of PET non-woven fabric, silver activated carbon fiber fabric and PE membrane. The Antimicrobial Dressing contains silver at a level of 0.1 mg/cm2. When in contact with the wound, the bandage will provide excellent absorption and moisturizing effect to absorb blood exudate and bacteria and provide a moist environment for the wound. The silver ions in the dressing can inhibit the growth of bacteria absorbed by the dressing from the wound, and form an antimicrobial barrier that prevents infection and reduces wound odor.
The activated carbon fiber in the KoCarbonAg® Antimicrobial Dressing™ can moisturize the wound. It creates a moist environment for the wound to recover and shortens healing time. The dressing can be cut into the size of the wound. The low adhesion wound contact layer can effectively reduce the adhesion with the wound and reduce the pain when changing the dressing.