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Registration Date 3 Nov 2016

PowerMax® SKALA


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


Thanks to Kromatix™ patented technology, colored glass can be applied on SKALA solar panels. Colored SKALA solar panels generate nearly the same amount of energy as black SKALA panels with a small loss of efficiency. Compared to conventional colored solar panels, the SKALA KROMATIX™ panels use the reflection of the sunlight to generate their colored appearance. The multilayered treatment of the KROMATIX™ front glass is designed to reflect a narrow spectral band of the visible light, in order to provide a color, the rest of the solar spectrum is being transmitted to the solar device and converted into energy. All SKALA modules have the same power and performance – independently of their color.

Environmentally Friendly Sustainability

Manufacturer's Description

SKALA architects panels have a standard format of 1587 mm x 664 mm as ideal ratio of length-to width. Additional to its standard size and standard color black, the architect panels can be scaled as customized panels in a range of colors and sizes. Thus, builders, architects and façade designers have the greatest possible freedom for their design planning and arrangement of the building envelope.Due to its inherent semiconductors´ cell structure, SKALA solar panels are distinguished by a uniform black panel surface with a fine pinstripe look. By using colored front glasses of our cooperation partner KROMATIX™, the surface can be varied in different colors.