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Sanitary Napkins (Soft Cotton)


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Sanitary Napkin


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


On sanitary napkin, the negative ion can increase the oxygen volume in the air and oxygen is also able to kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and helps to activate cells, nano-silver is able to kill bacteria, antibacterial, reduce odor and reduce vaginal discharge. Far infrared ray can help to promote blood circulation and reduce menstrual pain. On diapers, it can help to kill bacteria, antibacterial, odor reduction, increase oxygen absorption on the skin surface, prevent eczema, promote blood circulation.

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization Circulation improvement

Manufacturer's Description

All products manufactured by V MOSA are very focused on the functional and healthcare issues, from its softness and level of comfort, liquid absorption and liquid retention function, permeability and dryness, even to the extend to make the sanitary napkin and diaper product an all round functional from protection to health excellence. Our product is made of imported high quality raw materials and with mixing a variety of functions for core stripe, such as: negative ions, far infrared ray, charcoal, chitin, magnetic, germanium stone, nano-silver and etc. Today, we are successfully to combine the 3 important elements which are negative ions, far infrared ray and nano-silver into a core stripe and place it into sanitary napkins to be known as "3-in-1 functional sanitary napkin" or "3-in-1 functional diapers."