Registration Date 8 Nov 2016

Double Chain window opener


Construction Decoration

Window Opener


This product is suitable for line width of more than 1.5 meters above the suspended window, hanging under the window hanging in the window, point-wall open windows and other window type;
Windows Construction industry


2. The windows can be retrofitted villas have been built without affecting the original structure and decoration villa; 3. The compact exterior design, zinc alloy housing 4. The built-in dual synchronous motor function overload overload 5. The chain uses a special material surface treated with preservatives (or stainless steel) made for a long-term humid environment The most efficient allocation of the mounting structure to ensure that the power 6. The four fixed points, easy to install 7. requires less operating and maintenance costs 8. On the basis of the original standard thrust (400N / 600N / 1 200N) set aside 20% of the stored force (a total of 480N / 72ON / 1 440N push-pull) 9. A multi-degreed choose (within 600mm / 1100mm / 1500mm) 10. The more than 10,000 times and back testing.

Moisture Resistance