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Nano microneedles exposure shady truth


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Nano microneedles truth exposed: There are a lot of nano microneedles products, but most do not have specialized technical support, although cheap, but there is no corresponding effect, today to exposure nano microneedles truth, understand nano microneedles the truth, you have the right to know!
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Patented technology from the US Silicon Valley nanometer chips, widely used in medical, cosmetic and other industries. As a painless noninvasive transdermal imported into the instrument, its more well-known applications: nanocrystalline Shuiguang, nanocrystalline eyelashes pregnant patients, pregnant nanocrystalline lip, eyebrow nanocrystalline munsu, nanocrystalline plum blossom needle, introducing nanometer wafer tester ... It is worth mentioning that many of the seemingly low price on the market nano microneedles, the microneedles nanocrystalline, nanocrystalline and other ""similar"" products, mostly imitation or genuine cottage nanocrystalline technology patents behavior. Since Nanomed (Suzhou Nathon) Dr. Xu Bai twelve years ago nanometer chip manufacturing technology in the world public, and now China was bad business with poor materials, science and technology imitation falsely accuse marketing aliasing, to mislead and deceive the consumer By. In fact, the nano-chip consists of Dr. Xu Bai and eight Chinese scientists went through fifteen years of laboratory research, create a nanometer wafer. The introduction of domestic nanometer wafer, in the medical market, a large number of clinical trials conducted by the famous Hospital Chief Physician, Professor responsible for observing, improved by World United percutaneous administration Professional Committee held two special nationwide nanometer wafer application penetration tester conferences, invite industry experts nanocrystalline imported technology to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the nanocrystalline is safe and also effective. Suzhou Natong Bio Nano Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for nearly 10 years, it has applied 12 domestic and foreign patents, including 11 domestic and foreign patents have been authorized, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the US Silicon Valley technology patents.