Registration Date 9 Nov 2016

VariCel® II Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filters


Environment Air Remediation

Environmental Air-filter


Food industry Automotive Pharmaceutical industry Construction industry


- Slim line, mini-pleat design lowers operating costs - True high efficiency filters: Only 95mm thick media pack - Available in three efficiencies: 90-95%、80-85%、60-65% - Rigid construction holds up in difficult operating conditions - Microglass paper with water repellent binder - Easy handling, installation, and removal - Easy disposal - Slim line packaging reduces shipping costs and storage space

Anti-pollution Mechanical Resistance Moisture Resistance Anti-microbial activity

Manufacturer's Description

VariCel II and VariCel II with Intersept are appropriate for general HVAC and applications operating with variable air volume, turbulent airflow, and high humidity. The combination of durable construction and high efficiency also makes VariCel II ideal for specialized systems such as diffusion filters in paint booths and pre-filters in clean rooms.
  Foil laminated fiber board frame  provides strength, moisture resistance. The frame (cell side) is made of fiber board, with a special ingredient added to maintain its strength under high moisture conditions. A layer of foil is laminated to the outer surface to further enhance moisture resistance.  Unitized construction adds strength  and prevents leakage. Two mating die cut boxes are bonded together, forming a double wall around the perimeter of the filter. The mini-pleat media pack is bonded inside the double wall. The double-walled, foil laminated frame prevents leakage and increases rigidity. Available with Intersept in 90-95% and 60-65% efficiencies