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UCN touch foil supports multi touch, multi person operation, multi sizes. Touch foil is recommended to be used in LED/LCD solution, integrated with LED/LCD screen into all-in-one touch screen, reach a perfect combination of accurate touch and HD display. OGS glass touch panel touch foil is integrated with glass, used for mass production of OGS glass touch panel. OGS contains not only all the advantages of capacitive screen but also the advantage capacitive screen does not have, such as anti-hitting, super large size, dynamic anti-interference, waterproof. Touch display touch foil is integrated with LED display, used for mass production of touch display. Touch display combines touch control, display function together, as the core component of touch products, integrated with industrial controller board, used for the production of end products. AIO touch screen touch foil is integrated with LED display, controller board, used for the mass production of AIO touch screen, including smart education products, business display products and industrial control products.
Touch display

Manufacturer's Description

Researched and developed by UCN individually, UCN touch foil is a transparent iPCT film with intellectual property, It can perceive human finger touch across substrate (usually glass), realizing accurate location by electrostatic induction. It is the core component of the touch screen and other precise positioning device. Through constant research, development and innovation, UCN touch foil has been updated to the 9th generation. No driver required, support various operation system, plug and play, support 10 to 100 touch points, maximum thickness of glass 10mm, size including 10 to 180 inch.