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Touch mirror


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Touch Mirror


be used as smart home furniture, used in bathroom, bedroom, dressing table, be used as a common mirror or a smart Pad for surfing internet and virtual fitting. Business exhibition: be used as business exhibition equipment, used for shopping mall, clothes store, product display, online payment, virtual fitting.
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Manufacturer's Description

UCN Touch Mirror is a highly integrated mirror touch screen, integrated of special mirror, touch foil, HD LCD display, industrial controller board and relevant anti-interference components. The screen can be freely switched between mirror and touch screen. Before lighted, it is just a mirror. After lighted, it instantly becomes a super large Pad. It applies flat touch screen, no frame, simple and fashionable appearance, with scientific feeling, mixed with modern application, with new features of waterproof, dustproof, anti-hitting and ultra-thin.Matched with fitting software, it becomes a virtual fitting room, freely matching clothes, saving you from queuing trouble, meanwhile providing smart shopping guide service, new arrivals and promotional information shows on the screen, widely used in shopping malls and brand stores. Matched with smart brushing software, children can play interactive games and brush their teeth, widely used in kindergarten, early learning center, oral medical, smart housing.