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Touch Pad


Be used in meeting room, company training room, combining computer, television, projector and electronic whiteboard together, reducing extra equipment, smart insert, smart presentation, solving the weakness of traditional meeting room.
Smart TV Touch display Smart presentation Electronic whiteboard

Manufacturer's Description

UCN launched smart meeting Pad to meet the visualized, informationized and scientific requirements for meeting and reporting work of various industries. The product combines functions of computer, television, projectors and whiteboard together, matched with professional meeting software, realizing smart insert, smart management, smart demonstration, solving not only the weakness of traditional meeting room, but also the meeting efficiency and communication problems, widely used in meeting rooms, training rooms, front desk, exhibition hall and office of general manager. For technical, it applies the newest nano touch technology, flat touch screen, ultrathin, fashionable and elegant, also waterproof, dustproof, anti-hitting. For function, matched with i-tech software, it can freely write, draw, mark and support automatically classify documents. Support multi document opening, save marked document and share in real-time. Support wireless connect, saving converting time, improving meeting efficiency.